About Simon McIntyre

A little about me…

I am interested in creating dialogue and discussion about innovative use of online learning in teaching practice, and about the role online specific pedagogical training for teachings plays in this. I am not technology focused, but more interested in how teaching practice itself is evolving (at least it should be!) to meet the demands of an ever increasing information driven economy and digitally networked society.

I am a lecturer at the College of Fine Arts (COFA), The University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia. I work in an online learning and teaching unit called COFA Online, and have been developing training programs for teachers who wish to develop and teach effectively online for several years.

I am also an online teacher myself, and coordinator of the fully online Master of Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design program at COFA. My current PhD study at the University of Sydney is researching the impact of advanced pedagogical training for online environments upon teaching practice and perception of online learning amongst academics.

You can download my latest academic CV here

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